Hello! We are Jacqueline and Rich Fama of Artistic Interiors. 
We've been trusted by our clients to paint, decorate and help design their homes for years. We know the importance of loyalty to our clients, 
creating long lasting relationships throughout the years.
Our clients have asked us over and over if we knew of a company that could take care of their home while they were away. We didn't, so we thought....
Why not us? Reliable, trustworthy, handyman, what more do you need? 
Seriously, your home would be in great hands.
That's how we came to offer this service to our already established long list of clients. Check out our information below so you too can have 
"Peace of Mind" on your next vacation or Snowbird Retreat!
Jacqueline & Rich Fama
~Our Packages~


$30 a month
we will come
 twice a month 
as scheduled

(for long term absence)
Our goal is to provide you with a service which will enable you the opportunity to visit your vacation home without stress and worry. Allow us to do the worrying for you while you are away! We will keep you informed when we arrive at your home and when we leave every visit. We do not subcontract, we will be doing the home inspection ourselves. We are fully insured. You will only be billed for the time your are scheduled, if you come home early, you will be refunded.


$60 a month
we will come
once a week 
as scheduled

(for long term absence)



$15 a week
we will come
 once during the week 
as scheduled

(for short term absence)
~Check all doors/windows are locked 
~Check for signs of pests
~Check for signs of mold, unusual 
   smells or sounds
~If water is turned off, we will put 
  water in dishwasher trap so it doesn't 
   dry out.
~Check smoke detectors, change batteries
   if necessary*
~Water indoor plants
~Check garage, make sure secure

​*Any bulbs or batteries will be provided by the client.

Upon meeting with our clients, we will complete any other inspection they have
that is not listed above. A checklist will be given and filled out by our client to
make sure nothing is overlooked.

If any professionals, besides us, have to come in to look at or repair something in your home, we will be there for the appointment. There will be a small fee attached to the original package cost for our time and the customer will be billed directly from
the needed professional (example: plumber, roofer, electrician etc.) 
Each Visit:
~Remove solicitations, papers, phone books and 
~Check all doors and windows for signs of
   weather damage or vandalism
~Snow inspection, remove snow from
  damaging areas
~Check faucets and hoses for leaks
~Check and replace any burned out 
   security light bulbs*

Pictures will be taken of the exterior/interior of your home if there is cause for concern. We will send them ASAP via, text or email.
Each package includes the same care for every visit. Below is a checklist that includes the services for your home and property provided by us during your time away. 
Any other or extra services needed by our clients can be discussed at anytime. If you need to speak to us, we will give you our cell phone numbers so we are easily contacted.
email me
email me